American mass hysteria: the

In the United States against the backdrop of mass psychosis, the unfolding presidential campaign. Date — 3 November. But the two main candidates are already known.

the Plane trump only has time to flicker in the sky above Talsi, and on the streets were ready to rush wall to wall. Angry protesters from the movement of black life have value from a small group of supporters trump separated national guardsmen. At some point, they almost missed the bold breakthrough.

the crowd watched from the air with the copter. In the hands of the military semi-automatic rifles. It all started peacefully. Center Tulsa (Oklahoma) was painted in red color. Three months supporters of Donald trump didn’t attend his campaign rallies. To re-live to see the American President, some of them have been on the streets one day.

For overnight put up tents and cots. Traveled as best they could. One man supplied the heavy machine gun your Hummer. At the entrance was stopped by the police.

“I came not to forget about the Second amendment. President trump respects the Second amendment and gun owners. We are a peaceful and law-abiding people,” — said the American.

amendment, which guarantees the right to arms in their tweets just wrote and trump. Full collection of tweets for sale here. Three volumes. At $ 37 for the book.

“Favorite a tweet — the first, written on the day when he was sworn in. He said he came to give power back to the people. This American experiment that we are living now,” say supporters of the trump.

Test of strength for the experiment turned out to be a coronavirus. The collapse of the economy happened because of the epidemic, cost Trump the loss of rating. So again he is not grown up, the liberal TV channels on the eve of the rally in Oklahoma has wreaked concerning his mortal danger.

“and 145 thousand deaths projected for July 11. Infections in Oklahoma has doubled each month, the curve is not just grows, and goes up dramatically,” says CNN.

C CNN Tarnowskie supporters have revenge on the spot. “Fake news.” — shouted by those who are willing to fill a stadium, where in normal times acts as a second team American Hockey League. He holds 19 thousand people. But requests, according to the headquarters trump, was ten times more.

those who comes inside, stealing lighters and umbrellas. Temperature did not measure, but prevention is conducted.

Democrats accused trump that by organizing this rally, he contributes to the spread of coronavirus infection.

COVID dissidents are nearby. In Tulsa was raided by the journalists of the TV channel Info Wars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. On the glass of the SUV when he parked the car, we notice the traces of bullets. Now to erupt in America at any moment. And flashes. Here at trompovsky of tents suddenly appear, the supporters of the BLM. Everyone is on edge.

Adrian Robinson, a supporter of the President of the United States, destroys the pattern, if black, then necessarily against trump. “He’s straightforward, he is what he is. Whatever you say, does everything. Trump is very worried about America and her ideas. He returns the money in America, he wants her to return to the leading positions”, — said Adrian.

the Robinson t-shirt is the name trump. One of the white women, wrapped to the ears in a black scarf, said, “I can’t breathe”. These words of George Floyd became the slogan of the movement BLM. Kneeling, often initially meaningless, as here in front of the supporters of Donald trump, turned into a flash mob.

“I am against trump, against all that he stands for. I’m here to peacefully protest and to protect the lives of blacks. It’s time to change our system”, says Sheila the Tank.

And this provocateur with abusive language on the t-shirt is clearly counting on open conflict. Deron Slater that drove the instigator, came to Tulsa from afar. “I never ggolosoval for Democrats, primarily because of people like this. He, as my family is from Chicago, only emotion and no logic. We are working hard to such as this man woke up. His passions are, but he knows nothing and votes for the Democratic party which is destroying America and our black community” — said Darren.

of the democratic party, of course, also tend to stir the voters. Among blacks in the United States there is always the problem with the turnout. In this sense, the current racial conflict is the perfect way to cheat. Trump the liberals went for what was originally scheduled a meeting on June 19. Juneteenth — how to call this day — a memorable date when freedom was the slaves in Texas, which was under the control of the confederates. Not satisfied, and the venue of the rally.

the Pogrom in Tulsa — one of the bloody incidents of racial violence in the United States. The official death toll at 36 people, informal — ten times more. The goal of the white rioters were 35 blocks a wealthy black district of Greenwood. It was also called “black wall street”.

the Reason for the massacre then became the accusations against the shoeshine boy dick Rowland assaulting a white Elevator operator Sarah page. Greenwood was bombed from the air even. The RAID led 12 biplanes. Survived only this Church.

“Our country called the “melting pot” of people of different ages and skin color come here, and they have to live with each other. The system was so built. But when some — one law for another, it is not a “melting pot,” — said one of the Americans.

the Cover of this “melting pot” continues to plague. Breaks and in Atlanta, where the local police actually went on strike. Do not go on calls that don’t even take the tube and massively sick after taken into custody the gunman in Rashard Brooks patrolman Garrett, Rolf. This is the first video of Rolf behind bars. He could face the death penalty.

On the other scale — the angry blacks, which every evening gather in the place of death of Brooks, I burned a restaurant Wendy’s.

the Situation gets out of control almost instantly. In the street there is the youth. She blocks the move. The police prefer not to intervene.

Bury Rashard Brooks next week. About the Golden coffin, like George Floyd, have not yet heard, but the preacher al Sharpton, who likes to add fuel to the fire, maybe stop by.

“the Country is very much divided, but we have seen and the unity demonstrated by the people facing action against racism. For the last three weeks we have seen more unity, when black and white went hand in hand, than all the “trump” rally together,” said the rights activist al Sharpton.

If you do not walk into the General column, the impression is different.

“I know students. Now if something is put on Twitter and they don’t like it, then they have problems. Most people are simply afraid to Express their point of view, especially if it is Republican,” said Dmitry, a supporter of the Republicans.

Dmitry is from new York. In Tulsa was on official business, but the rally trump as a staunch Republican, decided not to miss.

he Made the American President more than six hours. Started with what three years ago was part of the White house: “When I started to drain the swamp in Washington, I had no idea how deep it is. Deep, sticky and crawling with various bad characters.”

All this time the opponents of the trump cut up around the stadium in circles, hoping to catch away his motorcade. Not caught. Normal heroes always go to bypass.

Text: “Westand weeks”