Infection numbers are increasing: 5950 cases of monkeypox were counted in 33 European countries and regions. One gender is particularly affected.

The number of reported monkeypox infections in the European region has risen to almost 6,000. This was reported by the EU health authority ECDC and the Regional Office Europe of the World Health Organization WHO in a joint analysis with data as of July 5th.

So far no death has been registered. In total, the two health organizations have counted around 5,950 cases of monkeypox in 33 European countries and regions during the current outbreak.

Men were almost exclusively infected with the virus (99.6 percent), the health organizations reported, with reference to data from 5,266 cases from the European monitoring system Tessy. 42 percent of those infected are between 31 and 40 years old. All of Tessy’s cases, with the exception of one, have been confirmed by laboratories, it said.