Anarchist enclaves and barricades: the American West wild again

the downtown Seattle captured leftists, demanding to stop funding the police.

the Corner of 12th Avenue and pine street is the epicenter of the protests in Seattle. In the end, the invaders established control over the Eastern area of the police Department of the city. Even the word “police” in the title they are erased. But this is only the first step. Their ultimate aim is to expel the official law enforcement on the streets. There are also spontaneous memorial in memory of those killed by police: flowers, photos. In Seattle it started with protests due to the death of George Floyd. First, the city was immersed in clouds of tear gas. Then, as usual, massacre.

Clean up marauders no one. Under his feet — broken glass shops a Ferrari and Maserati. To expropriate sports cars, the invaders did not dare to drive on them still nowhere. “The territory of the Autonomous area of Capitol hill” — so they called their “people’s Republic” is only a few streets, which now do not even go to the trolley. But on each of the barricade.

“We installed these barricades because of the threat of white nationalists to enter the car into the crowd. It will stop them. And the police can try to use tear gas. So will be able to dissociate itself from them,” says the activist of J. B. Clark. He gave us a little tour. We started with the very center of the anarchist commune.

“We forced all policemen to leave and now call it “our town hall”. Here we hold meetings and listen to speakers. We first thought it might be some kind of trap, like a mousetrap, and we very carefully went into the room, but now we are fully occupied, and this is our fortress,” said Clark.

the fortress Fell without a fight. The police did not resist, and now sometimes look down to check the abandoned property. Recently came to inspect even the head of the Seattle police Department. But no power Carmen’s best is in the Autonomous zone have not, as there is no law.

“Rape, robbery occurred in the area that we couldn’t even get close,” said Carmen best. She admitted that to leave the area the police had not planned — forced the city authorities.

Gradonachalnitsa Democrat Jenny Durkan flirts with the protesters, and the Trump which calls them “internal terrorists,” Durkan rudely advised to go back to the bunker.

the Hot summer is waiting for Seattle PD. Due to the fact that one site is closed, the “911” service now works intermittently. Theft, a family quarrel or an accident — wait for the crew to be significantly longer than before.

the Knowledge of how to read the word “Russia” and how it is pronounced, the officer Hettena, as he introduced himself to us from his wife. Wife is from St. Petersburg. Now she persuades her husband, who once arrived in Seattle from Scotland, to move to Russia. To work the anarchists still quietly not give. If ever the police did not disperse.

To those who are not lucky enough to be inside the perimeter, do not go.

Competitors, the new government does not tolerate. The suppression of dissidents are mercilessly. They just pushed back home, as one white guy, the crowd didn’t like the stream.

No mercy for criminal charges. At night the streets threatened with lynching. For the very liberal Seattle area recently, all this was unusual. Capitol hill has named a new LGBT capital of America. Even the sidewalks are painted in the colors of the rainbow. But where shone the counterculture and tech club life, the harsh orders suggests the rapper Solomon Times Simone. Finally merged with his creative way, hip-hop star local flood declared himself commander of the zone. When necessary, he has the disagreeable journalists. When necessary, “reforge” youth. For example, Once Simone and his family did not like the guy who painted graffiti. Once Simone goes now with Ouromastering weapons not only in music videos.

Technically, in Washington state it is not prohibited. Local gun laws allowed open carry. Another thing, what about any personally-defense and there is no question what rapper with a big road and not hides.

“I saw with my own eyes how the car flew into the crowd of protesters, and, looking at all this, I thought that it is necessary to ensure the safety of people. White racists, seeing this, ran to their cars and left,” said the rapper.

Businessmen nowhere to run. “Support “anti-fascists” — these inscriptions and characteristic of the characters here a lot. In voluntary-a compulsory order support ready not all. Shops and restaurants boarded up Windows. Suffer losses because of this troubled neighborhood.

the Surplus is bearing fruit. Camera crews (press again allowed) some nice footage of abundance. Vegetables in boxes. Pastries on the counter. Food — free. Rests on the vegetarian.

Socialism with a human face, hidden beneath a medical mask, in a separate six blocks of Seattle is building the Deputy of the city Council of Kshama savant. She let the crowd inside city hall when protesters came under her door. Savant — activist of the Trotskyist movement “the socialist alternative”. For liberal CNN seems to be no client, but a useful companion in the pre-election year, in the fight with trump.

“It’s a great movement, this uprising, a revolution which is happening not only in Seattle but in other cities, incredibly heartened by the majority of the American population, and also threatens the right and the reactionary agenda of Donald trump,” said savant.

the area of the rebellion expands. The map of the USA, there are new Autonomous zone. One announced in Nashville. The other in Portland. The third in Chicago. In Asheville (NC) was also tried, but it recovered quickly by the police, which has not prevented to do their job. The barricade was dismantled.

Builders of barricades call for going beyond the American two-party system. Even about the monument to Lenin in Seattle remembered. He again flashed on the Network. But obviously not in the Leninist path moves this protest. The Parallels are far more recent.

“Autonomous area of Capitol hill.” Abbreviated CHAZ. They call these captured six blocks in downtown Seattle. Around the perimeter of the barricades. For attacks here always ready. For example, plywood panels. But the most interesting inscription. Ukrainian. “Shid” means East. In the East of Ukraine, from Kharkov to Seattle four years ago came and Catherine. She stopped at our cell, he saw the microphone with the inscription “Russia”. In the winter of 2014 she was in Kiev.

“what happened on the Maidan when the police dispersed the people and killed the protesters, I’m afraid this will happen here. I warn that all need to be ready if you are here, if you protest here, if you stay here for the night, you never know what will power,” said Catherine.

– You sincerely believe that America is this possible?

– Look who is President. Listen to what he was saying.

Katya from Kharkov, perhaps, sincerely believes that the protesters on Maidan shot “Berkut”, and not specifically brought snipers. But Joe Biden, who from the beginning was in charge of the new post-Maidan Ukraine, it is well known how it all happened. The expert Kiev Affairs Biden with alarming frankness now draws Maidan Outlook for the United States. “I know many high-ranking military personnel in the White house who say, look, we are not military government. I promise you, and I am absolutely sure that if I win the elections, they personally escorted trump from the White house,” said the candidate for President of the United States.

aides for this case Biden spur of the moment recorded and the relatives of George Floyd. The candidate of the demoratov raided in Houston, to be advertized at his funeral. Photographed brother and uncle of the deceased. Then with his little daughter and her mom. In the hall, where there was a farewell to Floyd, played budenovskoe the video.

George Floyd already making political capital. A bus for those wishing to say goodbye to him provided the former Senator from Texas Democrat Rodney Ellis. To say goodbye to Floyd arrived stars of sport and show business. Thirty thousand dollars for a gold plated coffin like Michael Jackson, paid boxer Floyd Mayweather. The coffin was placed in a white carriage similar to the carriage. On the cart however, a simple peasant — in the last path used to carry and Martin Luther king. But where there is a defender of civil rights. An icon of the protest of George Floyd of Minneapolis was two weeks. On the day of his funeral equated to Jesus.

against this fancy vortex, an island of tranquility looked Forkan Ali, which is located in front of the Church the Fountain of Praise with their posters. The pensioner looks at things soberly.

– What about Biden? He will be able to protect black?

– No way, no way, — said Ali.


– He was there 3 or 4 times, he was part of created. The fact that black people are in prison, this is also to blame Joe Biden. He changed the laws on drugs, and now black sit more even for lesser offenses than whites.

Biden and his party now promises black America a police reform. Up, headed by speaker Pelosi on one knee and invite the relatives of the sessions of Congress. The people in uniform were forbidden to use choke holds. In the past needs to stay out searches without warning. But the main thing is to cut funding

Why the angry Derek Sovena must meet all of the American police, they don’t understand. “I’m not Derek suture. My colleagues Derek suture. He killed a man. We didn’t kill. Stop treating us like animals and thugs. Get started to treat us with respect. We have been slandered. It’s disgusting,” said Mike Mike O World, the head of the police Union in new York.

a Cry of despair head of the Union of the NYPD will surely resonate with ordinary Americans. Two-thirds of Americans oppose reducing spending on police. And that is attractive to them may be a new image of Donald trump, who calls himself “President of the law and order.”

“Look at Seattle! How is this allowed? This pernicious philosophy. Unbelievable where we are, considering where we were. We were at the height of the strongest economy in the history of the highest numbers of jobs, including African Americans, Hispanic, Asians. And suddenly we got hit by this plague, which brought destruction and lost lives,” said trump.

to Support the American police in this difficult time, has decided U.S. citizens — immigrants from the former Soviet Union. The movement of “Blue Tuesday” (the color of police uniforms) began in Brooklyn, but now get to Seattle. People come to areas with families, treat officers with sweets, just thank you.

However, bad news does not end there. Eve broke out in Atlanta. And again for the murder of a black — Reichard of Brooks. Again, clashes and tear gas. Of collision at the diner where drunken Brooks fell asleep in his car and blocked the entrance of other cars. During the arrest he was resisting. Grabbed a Taser from a patrol and tried to escape. The chase began. Brooks was shot. He died in the hospital. The chief of police of Atlanta Eric shields resigned with lightning speed. But who can guarantee that Richard Brooks is not the second George Floyd? His name instantly leading learn liberal American TV channels. Repeat dozens of times a day.

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