LE FIGARO. – What was the message of american voters to “midterms”?

André CASPIAN. – there is not a single message to the extent that it is necessary to take account of the specificity of these mid-term elections, which are not simply legislative, as in France: in addition to the representatives in the House, the third of senators, the Americans also elect the governors, the legislative chambers of each State, etc., But this renewal varies from one State to the other. Nevertheless, this poll shows that there is no rejection of Donald Trump, but that there is a tendency to consider that the democrats may hold a more prominent place in the political system. Well there is a wave of democrat, but this is not a tidal wave, rather, it is a ripple, since they are far from the absolute majority in the Chamber.

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I don’t think that the election was a referendum on Donald Trump. If this is the case, the referendum failed …

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