Andrea Berg and Vanessa Mai will release a song together next week. The single is apparently titled “Infinite”.

Fans have been waiting for this for a long time: a song by singer Vanessa Mai (30) and pop star Andrea Berg (56). The special thing about it: Berg is Mai’s stepmother-in-law. The 30-year-old has been married to Andreas Ferber (born 1983), Andrea Berg’s stepson, since 2017. The two announced on Instagram that the single “Unendlich” should be released next week.

Both published a photo showing the two women in strong poses. Then they look seriously into the camera and have their hands crossed. Mai’s head rests on Berg’s shoulder. The 56-year-old is pictured wearing a short, lavender cut-out dress, while the 30-year-old poses in a black two-piece suit.

Song with “important message”

They wrote the lines: “Reach out to each other and be stronger together. Sharing the light to make it bigger. Standing together. It doesn’t matter where we come from, what we look like or who we love. We all look to the same sky and can achieve and survive so much more with that awareness. It feels like we can be one with that power: INFINITE.” Berg announced the song as “something very special” and conveyed an “incredibly important message”.

Mai wrote that her album Metamorphose, due out in August, now has the song “like a perfect circle coming full circle”. The title is “one of the songs I recorded back in 2019 for the album that I ended up discarding”.

The two have not yet revealed what the song will sound like. Mai had recently turned away more and more from Schlager. It remains to be seen whether she will return to her musical roots for her stepmother-in-law.