The war in Ukraine also kills many animals. According to experts, at least 3000 dolphins have died.

Conservationists link the deaths of thousands of dolphins in the Black Sea to Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine.

At least 3,000 animals have died, research leader Ivan Rusev wrote on Facebook. The use of sonar technology and explosions destroyed the “sensitive navigation system” of the animals. They can no longer catch enough fish and are therefore more susceptible to infectious diseases. The result is that more animals are dying, explained the expert at a national park near Odessa in southern Ukraine.

According to him, there are also reports of dead animals from Bulgaria and Romania. “We ask anyone who sees dead dolphins on the beach to report it.” Fishing and poaching have been the greatest threats to dolphins in recent years.

Russia started its war against Ukraine on February 24 and is also attacking the neighboring country across the Black Sea.