Anna Popova: on sites in compliance with all strict requirements of Rospotrebnadzor

on 25 June, Russia began voting on amendments to the Constitution. It will last until 1 July. The head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova in an interview to “Russia 24” told about how voting takes place in the context of pandemic coronavirus and compliance with sanitary requirements at the polls.

– We are visiting the Studio building of the Central election Commission. And right next to me and the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova. Anna, Hello! Today is the first day of voting for amendments to the Constitution, and the first time we are confronted with the fact that this vote was held in the period of the pandemic. A lot, of course, talked about this. But, nevertheless, I ask again, and I want to reassure the audience: is it safe to vote at the polls?

– Completely safe. I’ll say it once and I will say quite firmly. The first thing I want to say the timing of the vote selected in accordance with the present peprocessor that we are seeing in the Russian Federation. If at the end of March the growth rate was about 30 percent daily, in early may he was about 7, today the rate of growth for the Russian Federation is slightly more than unit 1.3 per cent over the past day.

If to speak about the distribution coefficient (that is, the number of people that can infect up to the moment of isolation one sick or infected one), then some time ago this indicator was two or more than two. Today in the Russian Federation it is less than one, it is 0.9. And it is also an indicator of the positive development of peprocess, a figure that allows us today to hold it.

And, of course, unprecedented measures that are taken today. We very carefully looked at international experience, we have proposed a very stringent requirements for the procedure regardless of where it happens. And today I can say that these tough requirements are met in full.

the First day, which began in the far East much earlier than in Moscow, showed that for today of violations of the toughest of our sanitary-epidemiological requirements are not found anywhere else.

– Anna Yurievna, do complaints? How do you monitor the implementation of sanitary requirements?

I can’t say that we’re on supervision. But the fact that we monitor how it is executed, it definitely. All the subjects of the Russian Federation, all employees of Rospotrebnadzor in the regions and municipalities of the Russian Federation involved in this process, primarily to help organize and make it so that there are no violations.

– there was a new outbreak of the coronavirus in China, everyone is talking about the second wave. Your predictions, what can we expect in Russia?

– In Russia, we will do everything to make people comfortable, even if the complications that can of course be autumn, but that they were not going to violate the usual rhythm of life. We have accumulated extensive experience, we understand that it’s an infection that can be managed. And our goal for the upcoming two months to prepare in such a way that any change or deterioration of the epidemiological situation would not involve any additional, even more special restrictions on the population of the Russian Federation.

What is new to test a vaccine? Yet many are waiting for it, lots of different rumors around her. What can we say today?

– the Russian Federation, like a number of other countries, and our research organization is successfully moving in this direction. Of course, we are all waiting for the promised time frame in order to get the first production batch of vaccine. This is the beginning of autumn.

– And when can start mass vaccinations?

I think once we see the performance promised, we will decide on the timing.

– still today we have gathered about the start of voting for the amendment. Your personal attitude to them, how they important and necessary?

I absoluteOh sure, and we discussed it in the family, it is a duty of every human being. The new version provides great opportunities, it guarantees them to the people who live today, including young children, and we have a family with small children. It is important to be when they grow up and become adults, it still worked, and for us today, and even to a greater extent. And health, strengthen public health. It’s a completely new word. The possibility of a healthy lifestyle. This is also something that the government begins to guarantee. This is extremely important. And, of course, motherhood and childhood. My close family is also happy, and absolutely we will all vote. Someone has already voted. And are very pleased that such amendments to our Constitution, I’m sure, will be.