She sold her cheating story to Netflix, later art she painted in prison to fans. Now she is planning her own exhibition – from detention pending deportation: Anna Sorokin, known as a fake heiress, remains ambitious.

Fraudster Anna Sorokin, who made headlines as fake heiress Anna Delvey, opens an exhibition of her drawings in New York on Thursday. And this despite the fact that she is in deportation custody. “Allegedly” is the name of the show that is to take place in the luxurious Public Hotel on the Lower East Side. Sorokin himself will be connected via video link.

“It’s a collection of drawings I created while in Orange County detention center. I wanted to capture a few moments from the past few years, both unknown and iconic, and I used the limited materials I had “says Sorokin about the project of the site “Page Six”. It’s not the first time Sorokin has tried to capitalize on her dubious fame. She sold the rights to her story to Netflix for $320,000. “Inventing Anna” became a series hit – and Sorokin even more famous.

Anna Delvey’s art is valued at half a million dollars

Background: The Russian-German Sorokin defrauded banks and hotels of large sums, was charged and ultimately sentenced to prison. After her release, she was arrested again and was supposed to be deported to Germany – but a first attempt at deportation failed because she put up a fight.

In a group exhibition in March, she already sold some of her comic-like drawings that were made in prison. Her art agent Chris Martine told the US portal “Page Six”: It was not easy to get something in or out. Most of the papers and materials were confiscated.” Martine doesn’t want to set individual prices for the drawings in Allegedly — he wants to sell 48 percent ownership of the entire collection. He estimates the value of the art at around half a million dollars.