Announced losses of world economy due to pandemic

From all sectors of the economy during a pandemic, more than others suffered small and medium businesses. It services – catering, tourism and other. Every fifth company is prepared to cease its work in the next three months, according to a report by the International trade centre (ITC).

the loss of the world economy because of the pandemic this year could reach $6-9 trillion, according to the Asian development Bank. This is equivalent to 6.4-9.7% of global GDP.

Only because of a failure of value chains, the three largest economies in the world — the US, EU and China — the global economy lost at least $126 billion during the pandemic COVID-19.

Together these three economies account for 63% of world imports and 64% of exports. These losses will affect developing countries. For example, African exporters expect losses in excess of $2.4 billion due to restrictions in China, the EU and the USA. Over 70% of these losses caused by disruption of supply chains with the EU.

globally, more than 55% of all enterprises of small and average business is significantly affected by the pandemic. Two thirds (67%) of them said that the crisis has severely affected the business operations. In the segment of large companies, the share of the most affected less 40%.

In Russia during the quarantine did not work many businesses. In late April the economy of the regions was maximally closed: almost 28% of jobs in the country were subject to restrictions. Now — only 6%, estimated by the Ministry of economic development. The government continues to support small and medium businesses of the most affected industries, who have kept not less than 90% of workers. Monday, June 22, the Russian government has increased the amount of subsidies for small and medium businesses from 81.2 billion to 104,4 billion.

the Number of infected with a new type of coronavirus in the world exceeded 9 million people, according to Worldometer.