Anthony Hopkins will play doctor Sigmund Freud in his latest project. This has now been announced in Cannes.

Anthony Hopkins (84) will slip into the role of the famous doctor Sigmund Freud (1856-1939). This is what magazines like “The Hollywood Reporter” are reporting from the Cannes Film Festival. The working title of the project is “Freud’s Last Session”. Matthew Brown, known for films such as ‘The Poetry of Infinity’ (2015) and ‘London Town’ (2016), will direct. The script was written by Mark St. Germain, who also wrote the play of the same name.

“Freud’s Last Session” takes place at the beginning of World War II. In it, Freud invites the famous author C.S. Lewis (1898-1963, “The King of Narnia”) to discuss the existence of God.

Director Brown: “I want to make a film for every audience”

“Far beyond my own intellectual interest and inclination to this play, there is a deep appreciation for how timely and relevant this film is,” says director Brown. “I want to make a film for all audiences that is emotional, provocative and creative,” he explains. Filming for the strip is scheduled to begin in late 2022.