The iPhone 14 Pro from Apple currently costs almost 1,300 euros. Not everyone can and wants to spend that much money. In order to save on the purchase, it is worth comparing prices and tariffs. These are the best iPhone 14 Pro deals right now.

The iPhone 14 Pro from Apple impresses with a powerful camera, long battery life and a high-resolution OLED display. At 1,299 euros, the smartphone from Apple’s 14 series is anything but a bargain. With savings, the mobile phone is currently only available in combination with a mobile phone contract – for example at o2 or on eBay. We have checked how big the price advantage is with the best offers.

o2 contract with unlimited data volume

Spend 1 euro instead of 1,299 euros for the iPhone 14 Pro? This offer can currently be found at o2. On condition that a Free Unlimited Max contract for 64.99 euros per month is taken out. The minimum term here is 36 months. Then there is the phone for 1 euro plus 4.99 euros shipping costs.

Click here for the offer at o2

At first glance, monthly charges for a mobile phone contract of EUR 64.99 do not seem very attractive. However, it is worth taking a closer look: If you add up the tariff costs for the 36 months with shipping and the euro for the smartphone, you pay a total of almost 2,345 euros within three years. If you subtract the price for the iPhone 14 Pro from the currently cheapest provider (1,138 euros), this results in a price of just under 33.50 euros per month – just for the contract. But there is also the Unlimited Max tariff, which can be used without a limited data volume. This is particularly exciting for all on-the-go and frequent surfers.

iPhone 14 Pro without a contract? Buy on eBay at the best price

If you don’t want a contract, it’s best to buy the iPhone 14 Pro from one of the numerous online retailers. At Apple itself, the iPhone 14 Pro with 128 gigabytes of storage currently costs 1,299 euros. The smartphone is currently available on eBay for 161 euros less – for 1,138 euros. According to the “Idealo” comparison portal, this is currently the best price for the smartphone in black.

Click here for the offer on eBay

Apple iPhone 14 Pro: Who is the smartphone worth for?

With the iPhone 14 Pro, Apple has launched a very powerful smartphone – not only because of the A16 Bionic processor, but also because of the good camera technology. The triple camera on the back with a 48-megapixel main camera and a 12-MP front camera enable good selfies as well as high-quality photos and video recordings. The iPhone 14 Pro scores particularly well in poor light conditions and when taking pictures at night. If you want to save money on your purchase, look out for discounts or get the smartphone as part of a collective bargaining agreement.

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