Even in 2022 there will still be music festivals without female participation. In her show, Carolin Kebekus calls on politicians to act – and shows that there is another way.

The festival summer is already in full swing. Carolin Kebekus took a look at how women are represented on the big stages. The times when only men are celebrated are supposed to be over. Or as the comedienne put it: “Because it can’t be that the most present woman at many festivals is this Helga, after whom everyone is constantly screaming.”

The results were sobering. Rock am Ring, the biggest of music festivals, boasts a massive lineup. A total of 69 artists and bands have performed there. Only eight of them involved women. A shocking record.

But it gets even worse: The presenter showed the line-up of the Swiss festival “Moon and Stars”, which does not have a single woman on stage. For which it is referred to by Kebekus as the “Vatican among festivals”. She is visibly shocked: “Even in 2022 there will still be festivals where you will find fewer female acts than freshly showered people – and that really means something at festivals!”

Carolin Kebekus takes politics to task

So she finally asks the question: “How do we get more talented female musicians where they belong, on stage?” Her answer: Although everyone has to do their own part – visitors as well as organizers – in the end it is too easy to simply shift the whole problem onto the private sector. Her demand: Politicians should also do their part to promote more diversity – for example through targeted incentives for organizers.

Kebekus demonstrated how to do it better on Whit Monday: The first DCKS Festival she organized rose – with an all-female line-up: Lea, who provided the music for No Angels, Mine, Ebow and others there are talks by various artists such as Judith Holofernes, Hazel Brugger and Maren Kroymann. Carolin Kebekus showed that if you really want it, you can do it.

You can watch the entire show again here