Ariana Madix, the host of Love Island USA, made a bold fashion statement on a recent episode, wearing a daring sheer bodysuit that left little to the imagination. Paired with a tulle cape and strappy black heels, Madix looked flawless as she strutted into the villa with confidence. Her blonde hair was styled in beachy waves, adding to her supermodel-like appearance.

The show shared an Instagram Reel of Madix’s entrance, with many commenters praising her stunning look. However, as is often the case on the internet, there were also rude comments from a few individuals. One person took it upon themselves to criticize Madix’s muscle tone in her legs, to which she responded with a clap back, questioning the commenter’s own appearance.

Despite the negativity, Madix has been wowing viewers with her fashion choices throughout the season. From a bedazzled long-sleeved minidress to a skin-baring gold gown, she has been setting the bar high for her hosting duties. Her Instagram posts showcasing her outfits have garnered attention, with fans appreciating her style and confidence on screen.

As the season progresses, Madix continues to prove that she is a force to be reckoned with in the world of reality TV hosting. Her ability to brush off negativity and focus on her job is admirable, and her fashion sense has only added to her appeal. Love Island USA fans can look forward to more iconic looks from Madix as the season unfolds.