Ariel Cohen of the scandalous article in the New York Times: it is impossible to fight with nuclear powers

In the U.S., gaining a new anti-scandal. Biden declared trump is a traitor under article in the New York Times. The American newspaper catapulted another fake: Russia allegedly paid to the Taliban in Afghanistan for killing American soldiers.

“talk about the fact that Russia supported the Taliban (an organization banned in Russia), go for a long time. I can hear them, at least two years. And it is the objective geopolitical conditions. Russia fears that Afghanistan will completely fall under the control of the Taliban and the more radical movements” — so the TV channel “Russia 1” said the columnist for Forbes Ariel Cohen scandalous article.

America takes election campaign. Trump right now is not a good situation — it is supported by 41 percent of voters. The gap between him and Biden is about 15 percent. And the only issue on which trump is ahead of Biden is the economy, says a us expert.

“I absolutely agree that you cannot fight with nuclear powers. If one unfortunate coronavirus has already put 120 thousand Americans, it is terrible to imagine what will happen if two or three nuclear strikes. I really hope that there will be no war,” said Ariel Cohen.

According to the expert, the question is whether you believe the congressmen not the New York Times, that briefing, which they receive from the intelligence community, whose tramp, to put it mildly, a very complicated relationship. “Perhaps someone anonymously leaked the information to the President of the United States look bad, and he already looks bad. If trump wants to be reelected, he must radically rethink their behavior and dramatically change the strategy,” said Cohen.

one More likely a “paid” newspaper the New York Times called the American President Donald trump the article with the assertion that Russia is funding the rebels in Afghanistan. The publication on 26 June wrote that the Russianth military intelligence has offered a reward for attacking American soldiers in Afghanistan, and that in the administration of the tramp for a few months can’t decide what to do with this information, the us intelligence services.