Arrested in Libya a year ago, the Russians transferred to hospital

Two Russians arrested in Libya in may 2019, translated from prison hospital in the Mitiga hospital. This was told in his telegram-channel head of the Foundation to protect national values Alexander Malkevich.

In Libya, was detained sociologist, the head of the field research team of the Fund Maxim Shugaley and his translator Samer Hassan Ali Seifan, a Russian citizen of Jordanian origin. Tripoli authorities accused the sociologists of meddling in the election — before the arrest, they interviewed the son of Muammar Gaddafi.

Earlier Malkevich wrote, citing Libyan media that the head of the Libyan national consensus Government (NTC) Fayez Sarraj lucky Shugaley and Ali Safina in Moscow. However, the plane which supposedly was the Russians who flew to Turkey, stayed there some time and returned.

“Now I understand what was the problem,” says Malkevich. According to information from his sources in Libya, Maxim Shugaley in serious condition after suffering torture, he was transferred to the hospital at Mitiga.

In the Libyan social networks, according to the Malkevich, wrote: when Sarraj saw Maxim Shugaley during the flight, I realized that to give it is impossible.

that, in the opinion of Falkovich due to a TASS report dated June 9, citing a source in Tripoli that Shugaley and Swapan no longer in prison, and “live in a Villa in Tripoli,” in good conditions, where they are fed and guarded.

the Second officer of the Fund Samer Hassan Ali Swapan is also in the hospital, reported “Interfax” Malkevich. According to the head of the Foundation in Turkey, his staff interrogated.

According to the Malkevich, Shugaley and Safana not charged, the investigative actions are not carried out, also in recent months, the employees were deprived of the opportunity to communicate with counsel.