special envoy in Tijuana

In Tijuana, the sports centre, which hosts nearly 3,000 migrants central american caravan is just a few meters from the famous wall that separates Mexico and the United States. It throne there, rusted, splitting the landscape in two along its length. Joshua Mejia, 18, the look at with envy: “It is true that it is near, but try climbing it would be much too dangerous. It would be a shame to stop after so many gone and so much suffering.”

Like him, a lot of migrants have the impression that they could touch your finger to the american dream that they came to look thousands of miles away from home. During the journey, few had a clear idea of the border, and some had the hope that the passage would be achieved through the mass and the media coverage of the caravan. But upon arriving in Tijuana, many were disillusioned.

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