With the AI ​​image generator Midjourney, very realistic images can be generated. Now the provider felt compelled to take action against misuse.

The AI ​​image generator Midjourney has restricted its services due to repeated abuse of its software. When creating images, the word “arrest” can no longer be used, as the AFP news agency stated on Thursday. Also, the offer of a free trial has been suspended.

Midjourney’s service uses artificial intelligence to generate highly realistic-looking images based on written user specifications. In the past few days, an artificially created image of Pope Francis in a shiny white down jacket and one that is supposed to show the arrest of ex-US President Donald Trump have caused a stir.

At Midjourney, the word “arrested” is now banned

When attempting to generate a similar image, Midjourney now displays a warning that the word “arrested” is prohibited, along with a warning: “Bypassing this filter to violate our rules may result in your access will be blocked.”

“Due to a combination of exceptional demand and trial abuse, we are temporarily disabling free trials until we implement our next improvements to the system,” said Midjourney founder David Holz.

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