As CEO Ruso, Nisson and Bishibishi to escape from Japan for 40 minutes

the Flight of the former head of the automobile Alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi from house arrest in Japan brought a bit of Hollywood drama in the usually predictable criminal trial, writes The Wall Street Journal. In a country where a criminal court finds the accused guilty in 99% of cases, and high-ranking officials, including from the corporate world, often bring a public apology, bowing in front of TV cameras, the decision of Carlos Ghosn to quit the system call and spend millions of dollars on an elaborate operation that captured the public’s imagination.

the story of the escape of Rutting has become one of the main trends in social networks. According to the materials of the investigation, published by the world media, the Japanese television news programs retraced the Rut, which left the home where he was under house arrest, arrived by taxi to the Grand Hyatt hotel, sat on the high speed train to Osaka (there were a lot of people, so here gon could not be afraid to be discovered). Then in the black box that is commonly used for audio equipment or musical instruments, he was taken to Itami airport Board leased from Turkish company business jet. Leading TV programs, telling about the escape of a Rut, even climbed in these boxes, writes the WSJ. And invited security experts told how Gon managed to escape from surveillance at every stage of his escape.

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