As the Euro 2024 tournament begins, Asda has introduced a new concept called ‘Nanzones’ specifically designed for elderly football fans. This initiative comes as nearly two million people over the age of 65 are expected to watch the games alone this summer, based on recent research findings.

The first Nanzones will be set up at Asda stores in Watford, Manchester, and Liverpool in time for the England vs Denmark match on 20 June. David Hills, the chief customer officer at Asda, expressed the importance of using football as a means to bring people together and strengthen community spirit. He highlighted that the Nanzones are at the core of this ambition.

The Nanzones aim to provide a space where local elderly individuals can come together to enjoy food, drinks, and football in a safe and welcoming environment. These fan zones will be free to enter and will be decorated with football-themed decorations. Asda will also provide free food, drinks, transport, and live sports coverage at each Nanzone.

According to Asda’s Togetherness Tracker, 60% of survey respondents believe that more efforts should be made to address loneliness and social isolation, with the elderly being identified as the most vulnerable group in communities. As part of this initiative, Asda is encouraging people of all ages to check in on elderly relatives, friends, or neighbors during the summer of sports. This can involve watching a game together or enjoying any sporting event that interests them.

In addition to elderly fans, individuals of all ages are welcome to join the elderly spectators in the Nanzones to watch the matches. Asda hopes that by promoting inclusivity and togetherness through this initiative, they can make a positive impact in combating loneliness and social isolation among the elderly population. The Nanzones serve as a reminder of the power of sports in bringing people together and fostering a sense of community spirit.