The joy was short-lived. Asia Bibi, believed to be able to fly to Paris, London, Montreal, the Court of cassation, having pardoned on 31 October after eight years of waiting and two death sentences. But the nightmare did not end, however. After three days of quasi-civil war that was provoked by islamists, an agreement between the authorities and the imams fanatic was signed on 3 November to prohibit to the one that was in the process of becoming a christian martyr, to leave the territory pending the outcome of a request for review of the judgment of acquittal. “This is a turnaround shameful, it is simply a victory of obscurantism”, regretted so Anne-Isabelle Tollet, who is the author of two books on the case – the last, death is not a solution (Editions of the Rock), was crowned by the price Élina & Louis Pauwels in 2015. It is through the commitment of the French journalist that the case of Asia Bibi, incarnate in the world, in the name of all the …

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