Assault: Physical attack on opposition leader Guaidó in Venezuela


    Insults, shoves and flying objects: Juan Guaidó, the self-proclaimed Venezuelan interim president, was attacked. Who is behind the attack?

    The Venezuelan opposition leader and self-proclaimed interim president Juan Guaidó was physically attacked by an aggressive crowd during an on-site visit.

    Videos distributed on social media and by the news portal “El Nacional” show him being insulted, pushed and objects thrown at him during a visit to the city of San Carlos in the state of Cojedes on Saturday. In one photo he can be seen with his shirt torn. It was initially unclear whether the 38-year-old was injured.

    Raid planned by Maduro supporters?

    Opposition politician Freddy Guevara wrote on Twitter that it was an armed attack by representatives of President Nicolás Maduro’s government. A former deputy from the socialist ruling party PSUV was among the ringleaders. Guaidó then continued his tour of the state accompanied by other opposition politicians and spoke to local citizens.

    “We are deeply concerned by the unprovoked attack on President Guaidó and his colleagues,” said Brian Nichols, the US Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs. “Life was risked in this monstrous attack.”

    Guaidó cannot assert himself in Venezuela

    Guaidó declared himself interim president of the South American country in early 2019 and has been trying to force Maduro out of office ever since. Although he initially received a lot of support from Western countries, he was never able to assert himself in Venezuela itself. Most recently, he also lost a lot of support in his home country. The United States continues to recognize Guaidó as the democratically elected President of the National Assembly and interim head of state, the White House confirmed on Wednesday after a phone call between him and US President Joe Biden.