Assistance to citizens and the economy: the President's initiative

23 June, President Putin made a televised address to the citizens of Russia. Theme — the fight against coronavirus and new measures to support affected industries and citizens.

the Peak of the epidemic in Russia is passed. Putin once again thanked the doctors, paramedics, nurses — everyone who took the brunt of the attack, has fought and continues to fight for each patient, helps the colleagues in other regions.

“to Support you, to provide you with everything you need — a sacred duty of the state. We have done and will continue to do everything possible for that. Do not remove these issues with control, in particular it concerns material support”, — assured the head of state.

health Workers who participated in the fight against the epidemic, have received incentive payments. Plus special Federal allowances to those who directly treated the infected. But the virus is still not defeated. By order of the President of the payments to be extended for another 2 months — July and August. Surcharges are exempt from taxes and will be taken into account when calculating holiday pay.

family Income Nesterenko modest — less than 10 thousand a month each. In this case, the child from 3 to 7 years are entitled to benefits 5 thousand rubles. Applications can be submitted through the state services portal, MFC or center of social protection. But this is only one of the measures of state support in the difficult period of the pandemic.

In April, may and June all Russian families have received on 5 thousand on each child under the age of 3 years. Families where one or both parents have lost their jobs — one monthly payment — three thousand for each minor child.

unemployed, Angela Peshkova from Lipetsk appealed to the employment center. Now receiving unemployment benefit and 6 thousand a month extra for two children.

the largest measure of support families was a lump sum payment in June of 10 thousand rubles for each child from 3 to 16 years.

Alina Belleveu seven sons. Inyplate 10 thousand age got four.

dispose of Putin in July, a payment of 10 thousand per child to repeat them. The corresponding decree is already signed.

“just pay attention: to those who have already received the June payment, second, July, will be carried out automatically. Reapply for this aid, to gather some information is not necessary. The same automatic payment mechanism will be implemented for families in which children up to three years. And those who for some reason has not yet asked for support, you can do it simply and easily — remotely or through a branch of the Pension Fund and to receive payment without delay, as everyone in July,” — said the President.

Another presidential initiative for children with severe, including rare diseases.

Six years ago, the family Filippov was born long-awaited twins. Son Matthew and daughter Xenia. The children grew and developed completely normally. In the year Ksenia suddenly put leaving no chances diagnosis — spinal muscular atrophy. The defective gene blocks the intake of protein in muscle mass. The girl stopped walking, standing. One by one the organs fail. The sooner you start treatment, the more functions you can manage to save. Even if Fillipov sell an apartment and a car, they are hardly enough for one injection of the desired product.

“fifty thousand 700 euros is the first year of treatment, 350 thousand Euro each year for life. None of the Fund simply does not take up such a large collection, and this collection of a lifetime,” said Eugenia Filippova, mother Xenia.

the brain is in order. Ksyusha English, trying to swim and ride a horse.

within 5 years — letter to charities, the Ministry of health with the request to help with buying the medication. But there is no solution. In addition to medications a huge amount of need and rehabilitation.

Ksenia can Move only in a wheelchair. Moreover, it should be light and maneuverable. This buggy cost 250 thousand rubles. Turn the handles of the wheel Ksyusha hard. I had to buy electroral. It is still more than 100 thousand. That is all the family pram cost 400 thousand. But enough of her for a year and a half.

the same diagnosis and have little Rabia from Dagestan. A year and seven months she could not sit or even hold his head up. With expensive equipment helped the funds. AIDS had to buy themselves.

to help kids with rare — orphan – diseases, when urgently needed unaffordable for parents amounts, the President proposes a specific solution is to add a new funding source in plus to the already existing assistance programs.

from 1 January next year to change the tax rate on incomes of physical persons from 13% to 15 for those earning more than five million rubles a year. The increased rate will not be taxed on all income but only the portion that exceeds 5 million per year. This will give the budget about 60 billion rubles.

“These funds offer, as experts say, “dye”, to protect against any other use and appropriately used to guide treatment of children with severe and rare diseases, the purchase of expensive medicines, equipment and means of rehabilitation, to conduct high-tech operations. And, of course, necessary to exclude any bureaucracy. Decisions about the use of these funds must be transparent and completely open to use the absolute confidence”, — said Vladimir Putin.

Another measure of support including families with children — preferential mortgage. In the spring earned a special programme — new housing loan at a rate of 6.5%.

the President has proposed a program to extend: to extend a preferential mortgage rate of 6.5% for new housing the cost is not to three, like before, and up to six million rubles. And in the largest Metropolitan areas — Moscow and St. Petersburg, where apartment prices are higher, up to 12 million rubles.

“In the previous program only 60-70% of the proposed housing falls under the conditions of the program, it is now possible to purchase almost 90% of the housing they will get under those conditions , announced by the President,” — said Alexey Nides, managing Director of “the House.of the Russian Federation”.

“We expect some increase in demand for apartments larger area that would have a positive impact on the construction industry as a whole,” said Stanislav Nikolenko, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the construction company.

“subsidizing the interest rate on the mortgage just in order to not only support the population , so they could realize their need for housing, but the goal was to maintain and construction companies employees of construction companies to save jobs”, — said Anatoly Pechatnikov, Deputy President – Chairman of the Board of PJSC “VTB Bank”.

companies To retain staff and didn’t fire employees, they will continue to issue soft loans at 2%. This budget will allocate another 100 billion rubles. To maintain employment is needed in all industries.

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