“Atlanta” is without question one of the most bizarre series of recent years. For Earn and Paper Boi it’s off to Europe this time.

It took just over four years for new episodes of “Atlanta” to be seen in the USA. Even a full schedule of series creator Donald Glover (38) and the corona pandemic could not stop the project after all. Now the third season of the series is finally coming across the pond – as are the characters of the show. In Germany, the new episodes of the FX series, which take place almost exclusively in Europe, can now be seen at Disney.

Glover knows what he’s writing about as he takes viewers on a whimsical journey through the rap scene and the lives of Earn and his on-off girlfriend Van, his cousin Paper Boi and sidekick Darius. The all-rounder grew up in Atlanta and is not only known as an actor, but also as an author and rapper – under the stage name Childish Gambino.

Atlanta is a perspective

In an interview with Variety magazine at the Season 3 premiere, Glover explained that Atlanta isn’t just a city, it’s a way of looking at life. The series includes how Atlanta influenced him and his brother Stephen, who also works on the show.

Glover, who plays Earn himself, brings this perspective on life to Europe in the third season of the multi-award-winning production, including a Golden Globe for Best Comedy Series and Emmys for Glover for Actor and Director. Because rapper Paper Boi (Brian Tyree Henry, 40) is on tour. In addition to his cousin, Darius (Lakeith Stanfield, 30) and Van (Zazie Beetz, 31) should not be missing.

As in the previous seasons, viewers get ten episodes somewhere between comedy, drama and oddly funny and sometimes extremely surreal situations. Two short preview clips, showing Earn at the airport and Paper Boi in prison, give a good impression. Hiro Murai (38), executive producer on “Atlanta”, described the new season in an interview with the industry magazine “The Hollywood Reporter” in March as a “really crazy, absurd collage”.

Season four will conclude the series in a few months

There is also good and bad news for fans: there will also be a fourth season – and the episodes have already been filmed. At the same time, it will be the last season of “Atlanta” for the time being, as was announced in February. In the US, the episodes will air in the fall. It is currently uncertain when the final will come to Germany.

According to Murai, during the long break after the second season of “Atlanta” there were considerations whether the series should be continued at all, “not because we wanted to end it, but because we didn’t want to do the show if we didn’t have anything to say to have”. For the finale, it will then go back to Atlanta, because you want to “properly” say goodbye to the city and the series.

But all this doesn’t have to mean that there might not be a reunion with the characters in a few years’ time. Glover had indicated that he might well envisage returning if there was a reason for it.