The general election is coming up Down Under and if you believe the octopus oracle Glommy from the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium, then the winner has already been determined.

The day before Australia’s general election, the race is set to be extremely close between incumbent Prime Minister Scott Morrison of the Liberals and his Labor challenger Anthony Albanese. After Labor had been ahead in surveys for weeks, the lead has shrunk further and further in recent days.

If you believe the Kraken Gloomy from the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium, then the winner is already certain: the octopus acted as an oracle and typed “blue” in its tank – the color of the conservative Liberal Party – said a spokeswoman for the aquarium the German Press Agency.

On Friday, the final day of the six-week election campaign, both top candidates traveled the country once more to win over undecided voters. Morrison (54) started the day in Perth, Western Australia, Albanese (59) was in Adelaide in the morning and wanted to travel to Tasmania and Melbourne later in the day.

The most important topic in the campaigns was the economic situation. However, many Australians surveyed named the climate crisis as the most pressing issue – especially after the recent devastating floods on the east coast. Conservative Morrison is a supporter of the coal industry. Many members of the Liberals are considered climate change deniers.

More than 17 million people are called on Saturday to decide 151 seats in the lower house and half of the 78 seats in the Senate. There is a compulsory choice. The electoral commission announced on Friday that citizens who have tested positive for the corona virus can cast their votes by telephone.