He acts in theatre, makes films and also writes children’s books with his wife Sarah Elena (“Das Kuscheltier-Kommand”): Samuel Koch. Now the actor is planning a show evening with circus dramaturgy.

Actor Samuel Koch is planning a Germany tour full of music, theater and comedy – and is surprised at the excessive seriousness that is often attributed to him.

«In my perception, lightness is my much stronger side. I’m built rather close to the sun, »said Koch of the German Press Agency. The 34-year-old wants to go on tour with his show “Schwerelos” in spring 2023. “If I had to describe the format, I would say it’s a valuetainment format. Value for values ​​and training for entertainment.» It is important for him to also stimulate thought. «At the same time, the exclusive conveyance of values ​​would be too boring for me.»

Koch about the show: “circus dramaturgy in which everything is possible”

The show also has theater and acting, said Koch. “But not in the way you are used to from classic formats. It’s more of a kind of circus dramaturgy in which everything is possible. Poetic, lyrical moments, but also a lot to laugh about – if you’re receptive to it.” He is aware that the title “Weightless” is a suitable contrast program in a time of corona pandemic and the Ukraine war, but this was not the focus from the start.

“I think that somehow everyone wants to get rid of heaviness, and I wish that people would actually feel a little lighter after this evening,” said Koch. He has been using an electric wheelchair since he appeared on the TV show “Wetten, dass..?” on December 4, 2010. crashed. The artist, born in Neuwied (Rhineland-Palatinate), completed his acting training in Hanover and has been a member of the ensemble at the Nationaltheater Mannheim since 2018.

“I hope I’ll always have a foot in the theater door. But it’s not like the boards mean the world to me,” said Koch. It is possible that at some point he will take on fewer roles and design more of his own projects, also with his wife Sarah.