Even though you exercise regularly, the fat rolls won’t go away? Instead of giving up in discouragement, take a closer look at your routines now.

Just a 45-minute workout a week doesn’t give you your dream figure.

Anyone who wants to see results on the scales after three yoga sessions will quickly be disappointed. Only regular sweating helps you lose weight and get fit.

After exercise comes hunger – now it’s important that you supply your body with the nutrients it needs.

Proteins are crucial for building muscle. But carbohydrates are also important for replenishing energy reserves after sweating

With all the meals and snacks you eat throughout the day, one aspect is crucial to weight loss: the right calorie deficit.

The body only breaks down fat if you consume fewer calories than you burn in energy.

Cardio burns calories effectively. However, if you permanently avoid strength training, you will quickly lose muscle mass while losing weight.

Workouts with additional weights, on the other hand, help you build more mass. This increases the basal metabolic rate in the long term. This means: you burn more calories even when you are resting.

The larger the muscle mass, the faster the fat usually melts.

Is the number on the scale stagnating even though you run often? It’s all about the variety! Incorporate new exercises such as skipping or sprints into your fitness routine every four weeks.

The same applies to strength training. Your muscle mass only builds if the stimuli are intense enough. If you do the same exercises with identical weights every time, not much will happen here either.

High-intensity interval training brings enough variety to the sports program. This workout unit combines intense stress with short breaks.

At the breakfast table in the morning, then at work in front of the computer and in the evening on the couch: if you spend too much time sitting, it paralyzes your fat and blood sugar metabolism.

In the long run, this not only makes you sick, but actually increases fat deposits.

Using the stairs and cycling to work can be the first important steps.

The original for this article “You’re not losing weight despite exercising? There could be five mistakes” comes from FitForFun.