The president of the Union of the Comoros, Azali Assoumani, has just completed a visit to France. This trip, during which he met Emmanuel Macron, has helped to flatten the tensions between the archipelago and the former metropolis. For the past six months, the two countries were on the verge of breaking after Moroni had issued a circular to refuse the forced repatriation of Comoriens living illegally in Mayotte. In retaliation, Paris had suspended the issuance of visas. Mayotte, French department, is claimed by Comoros.

LE FIGARO. – After months of tensions between France and the Comoros, a memorandum of agreement has just been signed. What do you expect?

Azali ASSOUMANI.- I expect very much, because it is true that there were tensions that nearly put us in a situation never seen before. It was very hard, and it went well beyond the visas. Fortunately, the ministers have worked well to try to find a consensus. A paper has been signed that gives the time to get out of a document …

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