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The image had tarnished the ceremonies of the centenary of the end of the First world War: a Donald Trump bad days, furrowed brow and finger joints at the ends, curving the spine in the drizzle French of November. The strange visit of president of the forty-four hour week in France, on the occasion of the ceremonies of the 11-November, has raised a torrent of biting commentary across the Atlantic, where it was noted “deletion” and “mood bougonne” a Trump showing himself, according to his advisors, obviously not concerned by the tribute to the two million Doughboys come to fight on French soil, April 1917 to November 1918.

there seemed a time to collect the criticism without flinching, the tenant of the White House was expected on Tuesday morning to draw his weapon of choice, Twitter. A volley of messages acrimonious later, war is declared symbolically with his friend “Emmanouel”. He taunts and the “very low rating” (26 %) of the latter, …

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