Olaf Scholz has promised Ukraine modern air defense systems in the fight against Russian troops. It’s about these weapon systems.

Ukraine receives heavy weapons from Germany and the USA to fight against the Russian invasion:

Iris-T: According to the German manufacturer Diehl Defence, the Iris-T SLM air defense system enables protection against attacks by aircraft, helicopters, cruise missiles and short-range ballistic missiles. According to Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, delivery to Ukraine will take several months.

The Iris-T air-to-air guided missile, initially developed as armament for combat aircraft such as the Eurofighter, can also be used from the ground with a launch system. Diehl also produces the ground-to-air variant Iris-T SL, which has a more powerful drive and, according to the manufacturer, can hit targets up to 40 kilometers away. The rockets are launched vertically and can be fired in all directions.

According to Chancellor Olaf Scholz, it is the most modern air defense system in Germany. Diehl is also currently developing the Iris-T SLX system in order to cover a greater range: then targets of up to 80 kilometers away and up to 30 kilometers in height can be reached.

Mars II: Germany intends to deliver four of these Bundeswehr multiple rocket launchers to Ukraine by the end of June if possible. The Medium Artillery Rocket System (Mars) can fire missiles of different modes of action – such as guided rockets with a GPS system or mine-ejecting rockets to block sections of terrain.

According to the manufacturer Krauss-Maffei Wegmann, the rocket launchers hit targets between 10 and 40 kilometers away, depending on the ammunition. The launch batteries with a combat load of 12 rockets are mounted on tracked vehicles that can travel at speeds of up to 50 kilometers per hour.

Himars: The modern multiple rocket launcher from the US manufacturer Lockheed Martin is going to Ukraine from the USA. According to the US government, the artillery system to be delivered has a range of around 80 kilometers – according to the manufacturer, however, specialized missiles for use in the system can fly up to 300 kilometers.

For example, the Himars Launch Battery can be armed with six guided artillery rockets. According to the US Army, the carrier vehicle is traveling at up to 94 kilometers per hour.