Shock in the early morning: a passing train collides with a bus at a level crossing. The bus burns out, several people are seriously injured.

A train collided with a bus near Blaustein near Ulm. The bus driver was thrown from the vehicle and, like the train driver, was seriously injured in the accident.

There were two seriously injured and several slightly injured on the train, a police spokeswoman said. There were no passengers on the bus when the collision occurred. The bus was completely burned out.

The train derailed after the collision and came to a stop 100 meters away. In it should have been 74 passengers. The incident happened at a level crossing in the Arnegg district.

According to the police spokeswoman, there had initially been a motorcycle accident near the level crossing. The driver was seriously injured. That’s why emergency services and a rescue helicopter were on site. The traffic then backed up. The bus came to a halt on the tracks as the level crossing barriers lowered, the train approached and collided with the bus.

The main road between Blaustein and the suburb of Gerhausen and the route between the B28 and Arnegg were closed.