The fire, triggered by an explosion, killed at least 32 people and injured hundreds. The cause of the fire is still unclear.

A major fire at a container depot in eastern Bangladesh has killed at least 32 people, police said.

More than 450 people were injured in the fire in the depot near the port city of Chittagong, which was apparently caused by an explosion, the newspaper “Dhaka Tribune” quoted a spokesman for the Red Crescent rescue service as saying on Sunday. According to the information, many of the containers contained chemicals.

The exact cause of the fire was initially unclear. According to a fire department spokesman, it broke out late Saturday evening on the container site of BM Inland Container Depot, a Dutch-Bangladesh joint venture. Explosions in the containers would have made the extinguishing work more difficult. At least five firefighters are among the dead.

The depot is 20 kilometers from Chittagong – the country’s largest port. Fires and industrial disasters with fatalities and injuries are more common in the South Asian country.