When barbecuing, watermelon is usually used as a refreshing dessert. High time to throw them on the grid yourself. After that, you’ll never want to eat your burger conventionally again.

The well-chilled watermelon is a blessing on hot days. It’s refreshing, doesn’t feel heavy on the stomach and tastes heavenly sweet. But did you know that you can also grill the melon? And that when it’s hot, it has nothing to do with the sweet treat at all?

The heat changes the watermelon’s consistency and taste. It gets a texture that has been described as meaty or even ham-like. This makes it ideal for hearty dishes. No wonder it has long since found its way onto the grill. The New York restaurant “Duck Eatery” boasts of having invented the “Smoked Watermelon”.

Grilled watermelon burger

The watermelon makes a wonderful burger pattie that – combined with strong flavors like goat cheese – can steal the show from any traditional burger. Here comes the simple recipe from The Takeout.

Shopping list for four burgers

1 small watermelon 1 orange 250g coarsely chopped fennel greens 2 garlic cloves 200g goat cheese 1 tsp white wine vinegar olive oil ¼ tsp salt freshly ground pepper 4 ciabatta buns

That’s how it’s done

First, heat up the grill vigorously and rub the grate with a little olive oil – this works best with a paper towel.

Remove the outer layer of the orange with a slicer and cut the fruit in half. The orange can then be placed flat-side down on the grill, where it will grill directly over the fire for a few minutes. In the meantime, chop the garlic and fennel greens and stir. Remove the orange from the grill and pour the juice over the garlic and fennel mixture. Add white wine vinegar and salt. Then cover the resulting seasoning sauce and let it steep at room temperature.

First cut four rings about three centimeters thick from the watermelon. Then adjust the patties to the size and shape of the buns. Brush the melon pieces well with olive oil and season with a little salt. Place the pieces directly on the grill grate and grill for about five minutes. Turn the melon patties frequently to prevent them from burning. In the meantime, you can also halve the rolls and lightly toast them.

Top the bun with watermelon patties, cheese, and a few spoonfuls of the sauce. Finally, season with a little pepper and serve immediately.

Sources: Grubstreet, The Takeout