What could be nicer on a warm summer day than having a barbecue with good friends or family outdoors? Our handy tips make party planning a breeze.

If you have thrown a barbecue party at least once in your life, you know the top rule: the bigger the party, the more complex the organization. Considering that 30 people drink and eat more than 15 people, the entire planning revolves around the number of guests – from the shopping list to the right grill to the decorations. So that you don’t lose track, we have summarized the most important points for you.

1. The shopping list depends on the number of guests

Before you rush blindly through the supermarket in search of something to eat for your guests, you should make a shopping list of all the groceries you need for the barbecue party. Since there is no general answer to how much your guests will consume, simply calculate per capita:

In addition, the following should not be missing from your shopping list: a few sauces (e.g. BBQ, garlic, ketchup), herb or garlic butter, a few snacks (e.g. pretzel sticks, peanuts, chips) and sweets (e.g. marshmallows, gummy bears, ice cream).

And if you are still looking for a new recipe for your party: You can find new grilling ideas here.

2. BBQ Party Ideas: Decorations and Accessories

Then it’s time for the decoration. With a few simple gadgets, your garden, terrace or balcony will become a real eye-catcher. If you don’t have any ideas for the next barbecue party yet, let these ideas inspire you:

The LED garden torches are available here.

You can find the beer cooler here.

3. Which grill should it be?

The centerpiece of an outdoor party is the BBQ. This raises the question of which model is the right one for a summer party? After all, there is a wide range of sizes, shapes and functions that have a significant influence on the taste of the food to be grilled. You can choose between the following popular brands:

The charcoal grill is a classic. It is powered by the glowing heat of the grill briquettes, so that only a grill grate needs to be hung over it to prepare the food to be grilled.

The gas grill has the advantage that it is ready for use within a few minutes and the desired grilling temperature can be controlled manually.

The electric grill requires electricity and is therefore free of odours. The grilled food is well cooked without an open fire, but there is no “real” grilling feeling.

The kettle grill gets its name from its round shape, which allows the heat to be optimally distributed and the food to be grilled to be cooked evenly at a constant temperature.

The smoker provides a hearty aroma with hot smoke. Thanks to the even cooking in the windproof interior, the meat remains particularly juicy.

The lava stone grill is operated with gas, so that the temperature of the stones can be precisely determined. They lie under the grate and gently grill meat and vegetables.

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