Horst Lichter’s eyes shine: A Ferrari poster with Michael Schumacher’s original signature is for sale at “Bares for Rares”. Who takes pole position in the bidding competition?

“Oh, I like that a lot”: Horst Lichter was immediately enthusiastic when he saw the Ferrari poster signed by Michael Schumacher. No wonder: the “Bares for Rares” moderator is known as a fervent Schumi fan.

Signature of Michael Schumacher on “Bares for Rares”

Marc Odenkirchen brought the framed poster to the junk show. The 44-year-old application engineer from Stuttgart is a big Schumi fan himself, but he is now parting with it at the request of his wife.

But what exactly can you see on the poster? “Ferrari F1 World Champion” is written there, expert Sven Deutschmanek explains what it’s all about. It was Ferrari’s heyday, the Italian carmaker used the object to celebrate the six constructors’ world championships that Ferrari won from 1999 to 2004.

It was also a golden period for Michael Schumacher: Five years in a row, the man from Kerpen became world champion at the time, from 2000 to 2004. nice collector’s item for every fan”.

Horst Lichter is confident

Marc Odenkirchen parted with it only with a heavy heart, he named 150 euros as the price of pain. Deutschmanek gives him hope and estimates the value at 150 to 250 euros. That’s where Schumi fan lights come in: “That should work too,” he says to the seller.

He turned out to be right: the Formula 1 devotional was met with great interest in the dealership. Almost everyone present bid: Waldi drives in front and gets in with his obligatory 80 euros: “It’s definitely worth the beating for me,” says the 55-year-old. The price rises at a rapid pace, the boys outbid each other.

But the only lady in the group has the last word: Elke Velten-Tönnies is awarded the contract for 310 euros. A good deal for Odenkirchen: He has more than doubled his pain price and goes home satisfied.

Source: “Bares for Rares” in the ZDF media library