Horst Lichter has never seen anything like it: a grinding machine that you can also use to massage yourself. While the “Bares for Rares” moderator still has his doubts, expert Detlev Kümmel is very enthusiastic about the “Hobby Pico”.

“It’s a curious device,” says Ralf Bensch from Gedern in Hesse about the object he brought with him. “I’ve never seen it.” Most viewers probably don’t either, because the Hobby Pico is a grinding machine that you can also use to do other things. “I saw the operating instructions and said: This has to go here,” says the 53-year-old in an interview with Horst Lichter, and thus immediately provides the explanation of what led him to “Bares for Rares”.

Detlev Kümmel knows more about the unusual device. It was built by Kurt Stoll KG and dates from the 1970s. “People wanted to have multifunctional tools.” With the orbital sanders, someone had the idea: The vibration could also be used differently: as a massage device. You only have to change the attachment and you can already massage your neck, explains the expert.

“Bares for Rares”: Horst Lichter has his doubts

Moderator Horst Lichter doesn’t quite understand it: “It’s a bit like saying with a circular saw: I still have to cut bread.” But Kümmel is very enthusiastic about the part and also praises the packaging, “a mixture of cosmetic case and tool bag”, as he says.

Seller Bensch is modest in his claims. He only wants 30 euros. Kümmel is much more optimistic and estimates the Hobby Pico at 100 to 150 euros. That also stays Horst lights away the spit.

But in the dealer’s room, it quickly becomes clear that the dealers don’t really know what to do with the unusual object. Wolfgang Pauritsch starts with 20 euros, Julian Schmitz-Avila increases to 30, Jan Cizek finally offers 35 euros – and with that the interest of the dealers has already flagged. After all, Bensch can still knock out 5 euros more. This means that it remains well below the estimated value – but ultimately has a third more than it wanted for its weird device.

And Jan Cizek also has reason to be satisfied: “I’ve never bought something so bizarre,” says the Czech-born happily.

Source: “Bares for Rares” in the ZDF media library