It was a bidding war entirely to the taste of the sellers: because Waldi didn’t begrudge his colleague Christian Velten the bid, the two drove up the price. Horst Lichter, on the other hand, was more interested in the private life of his guests.

Anne Jung and Harald Scholz brought an unusual grandfather clock to “Bares for Rares”. But before he went into more detail, moderator Horst Lichter was interested in the living conditions of the couple from Bendorf. Although the two have been together for 20 years, they do not have a shared apartment. They live about 200 meters apart. Lights thinks it’s great: “Everyone has their kingdom to themselves,” exclaims the moderator, Harald Scholz adds: “And I can’t do anything stupid.”

The watch he brought with him, on the other hand, raises questions. It is a rarity developed by American meteorologist and inventor Athelstan Spilhaus in the 1960s. A so-called “space clock” that shows the time, world time and the lunar calendar with signs of the zodiac in three areas.

“A very special watch,” says expert Sven Deutschmanek, who does not want to go with the desired price of 1000 to 1100 euros. He estimates the value of this curiosity at just 400 to 500 euros. The two sellers have to think for a moment. But then Scholz says: “Horst, we’ll do it.”

“Bares for Rares”: There is a bidding war

A good decision, as was to be seen in the dealer’s room: because nobody there could correctly assess the value of the grandfather clock, a curious bidding war with irrational slogans developed. Walter “Waldi” Lehnertz got in with his obligatory 80 euros, which Julian Schmitz-Avila immediately tripled.

When Christian Vechtel raised it to 400 euros in the next step, Waldi’s ambition was aroused. “What pain are you in?” he says in the direction of his colleague, and opens the duel.

At first he drives the price up to 600 euros, but when there is a pause, Schmitz-Avila intervenes: “Now I want to see something from you,” he spurs on Waldi. “Are you giving up again?”

Julian Schmitz-Avila stachelt Waldi an

The bids were at 700 euros when Waldi struck the decisive blow: he threw 1000 euros into the room and thus silenced his competitor.

“I knew it,” said Julian Schmitz-Avila happily. And the seller couple was also happy: With this sum, they still achieved their desired price.

Source: “Bares for Rares” in the ZDF media library