“Battle of the Reality Stars”: An immoral offer for Elena


    There is harmony in “Battle of the Reality Stars”. Too much harmony for the makers who sow discord. Elena faces a dilemma.

    In the eighth episode of “Battle of the Reality Stars”, Elena Miras (30) gives the creators a compliment that they probably don’t like to hear. For Elena, the time at Star Beach is the most harmonious she has ever experienced on television. In fact, there is sunshine in Thailand right now. There are only minor conflicts between Martin Wernicke (42) and Malkiel Rouven Dietrich, but they tend to fall under the category of misunderstandings.

    This is of course poison for any reality production. So those responsible try to pour a lot of gasoline into the fire in this episode. On the “Wall of Truth” the celebrities have to assess who the viewers want to win the show the most – and who the least. Martin, who is currently the least popular star among his fellow candidates, is ahead in the poll. Elena sees herself at the bottom of the audience’s favour, and the audience agrees with her. You don’t begrudge her victory the least.

    Angel or devil: Elena has to decide

    Not Martin, but Elena gets the reward of the production. Or is it a punishment? Both. The Swiss with Spanish roots is confronted with a real moral dilemma. She gets 3,000 euros and a letter from her loved one. To do this, however, she has to shred the home mail of five competitors. If she destroys all letters, she is safe from nominations. If she refuses, she will not get her letter. Angel and devil quarrel on their shoulders.

    She doesn’t think she’s an angel – and viewers apparently think she’s a devil. So Elena decides to confirm the audience’s assessment. She takes the 3,000 euros and shreds – with a visibly bad conscience – the letters from Martin, Malkiel, Iris Klein (55), Larissa Neumann (22) and Paco Herb (26). At first she didn’t tell her fellow players that she pocketed the money. Only at the “Moment of Truth” does she have to drop the bomb. When Paco then says that he would have liked to hear news about his sick grandparents, Elena regrets her action.

    reward and punishment

    For once, the makers hardly sow any discord in the punishment game. The reality stars have to bet in the style of a big German Saturday evening show that they will solve certain tasks. Five harmlessly silly challenges are pending – picking marshmallows with your mouth and the like. There is a reward for every challenge passed and a penalty for every failure.

    In the end, three rewards versus two punishments. The stars are allowed into the sea – usually forbidden for safety reasons -, sleep in and have a pool party. The penalties are mild: the candidates have to make a long line out of their clothes and speak only English for a certain amount of time.

    Coup de grace for Martin

    In the safety game “Läster Lounge” things get harder again. The candidates get to read sentences that have fallen in the course of the season. Then they have to guess who was being blasphemed about in these quotes. Whoever assigns the most people correctly is certain in the nomination round.

    Some candidates take the sayings with humor. Others are affected, like Heinrich (55). The harmony-seeking and actually universally popular shepherd is assumed to have a lack of backbone and a lack of profile. Sissi Hofbauer prevails in the jump-off in a guessing question.

    So Sissi is safe at the “Moment of Truth”. There the candidates have to remove two competitors from their midst. It catches Martin with a record number of coins. The “Berlin Day