The first couple in “Battle of the Reality Stars”! But then a nightmare couple fight their way back into the game.

“Battle of the Reality Stars” is slowly turning onto the home stretch. In episode seven of ten of the RTLzwei show, no new roommates move in for the first time. The last straggler was Iris Klein (54) at the end of the last episode. The Katzenberger mom came to the Starstrand after a week-long delay after surviving the corona disease.

There is potential for conflict with Prince Heinz von Sayn-Wittgenstein (67). Although he is the godfather of Daniela Katzenberger’s (35) little daughter, Iris stayed with his wife after Heinz separated from his wife. “We are volcanoes, it will be exciting,” says Heinz about the constellation. But at first it doesn’t do anything. Heinz is sidelined by the doctors for the rest of the episode.

Paco and Yeliz are “ready for love”

But it is bubbling between Paco Herb (26) and Yeliz Koc (28). The two former dating show participants are doing what they do best. They flirt like crazy, even kissing. Elena Miras (30) claims to have seen suspicious movements under the covers during the night. The video evidence does not provide a clear explanation of what happened there.

Paco is “ready for love”, and Yeliz does not seem averse – if it weren’t for Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht (30). Despite their separation, she still lives with him. When he sees the pictures from the show, the oven would finally be off. Fortune teller Malkiel Rouven Dietrich makes the situation even more complicated. He dares the bold prophecy to Yeliz that she will meet another man – and then she will finally be in a bind.

Big surprise in the first game

The reality stars go to the first game. “Fight for airtime” it says. The celebrities suspect that the loser of this game will lose airtime. But things are different. Because suddenly all the previously eliminated candidates are on the beach! They fight in teams to return to the Thai sala! And yes, Jan Leyk (37) is also there. The stars had voted out the bully two episodes ago because of his bullying attack on the Jakic Twins (26).

Of course it comes as it must. Jan prevailed in three games with his doubles partner Sissi Hofbauer (26). The two can move back in. The former “Berlin Day” shows remorse

Ronald Schill (63) also shows a clear edge against Jan. He dubs the “choleric” Jan mercilessly as a “pig”. Then, with subtle humor, he takes a vow of silence and disappears into the pavilion to meditate. The fellow candidates do not understand his ironic sayings and are worried about him.

Stars don’t really have a sense of humor anyway. Martin Wernicke (42) doesn’t find Malkiel’s gag of sticking a knife in Ronald’s pillow funny at all. In general, Martin tries with constant nagging to make Jan’s place as a stinky boot in dispute.

In the last game, the celebrities want to prevent Jan from winning. He joins his old friend Schäfer Heinrich (55) in a pair game. The stars have to wipe foam from a picture in teams of two. They can use their whole body except their hands. Whoever removes the foam layer first and recognizes the celebrity underneath wins the match. Yasin and Larissa Neumann (22) are the fastest and therefore safe.

Judge Merciless pleads against Jan

The “Moment of Truth” begins with a rhetorically brilliant speech by Ronald. Since Jan shows no insight or remorse, the former judge had to throw him out. Most celebrities follow his example and vote against Jan. Only a few vote against Martin and briefly cause tension, but the ostracism is clear. Jan has to leave the show for the second time.

He shows no insight until the end. But his biggest crime on the show was something else: Jan managed to make Ronald Schill – formerly head of a party rated as right-wing populist – come across as the most likeable celebrity and the only fighter for justice.