A misunderstood game causes a residual conflict in the otherwise harmonious semifinals of “Battle of the Reality Stars”.

Semi-finals in “Battle of the Reality Stars”: In the ninth of ten episodes, the celebrities are hardly disturbed by anything. At least at first. When the candidates are supposed to choose the greatest strategist from among themselves, according to the viewers, there is no twist. Ronald Schill (63) sees the title of the greatest tactician in the house as a compliment.

And when the makers clear the sala during the punishment game, it doesn’t upset anyone anymore. So close to the end. After all, the celebrities have earned five minutes in which they can bring back the most important things. With a little tactics and a lot of cooperation, they manage to get the beds and suitcases back into the house.

The producers have to come up with harder projectiles. They try a secret ballot. Unlike openly in the moment of truth, the stars have to vote anonymously who they would vote out. The task: Each star must nominate in a free, secret ballot if he sees as the strongest competitor. And if that’s why he was thrown out of the show. There are no consequences for the celebrity with the most votes, it is more a mood picture.

If you understand the game correctly, you will get into trouble

The task is actually clear. But most stars get her wrong. They don’t choose the strongest competitor, but the least likeable one, which they would also pick out in an open vote. Iris Klein (55) gets the most votes. Nobody in the house sees the Katzenberger mom as the strongest competition.

But Iris made herself unpopular with almost everyone. Most with Schäfer Heinrich (55). When the two have to sit next to each other for an interview, Iris wants to make sure that Heinrich’s sweat doesn’t “contaminate” her. That hits the harmony-addicted shepherd. He spreads the insult to everyone. Which makes Iris persona non grata. Which she doesn’t like. Iris decides not to say anything in the future. She doesn’t even greet her old friend Malkiel Rouven Dietrich in the morning.

Back to the anonymous vote: Only Paco Herb (26) and Yasin Mohamed (30) got the task right. They chose Elena Miras (Paco) and Schäfer Heinrich (Yasin). They, in turn, misunderstand this and confront the only ones who understood the task correctly. Only after Elena (30) has made Paco stressful does the penny drop for her.

Elena buys the final ticket – rift between Iris and Malkiel

There are also misunderstandings in the safety game. The stars first have to search for coins from a pool of slime. They can use these to buy back previously confiscated items in an auction. A coin would actually be enough to get the toaster or coffee machine back. But the stars outdo each other here like there’s no tomorrow.

But there are also privileges to bid on. For example a call home. Yeliz Koc (28) secures it. She speaks via video with her little daughter and child’s father Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht (30). Elena earned the most coins. With them, she secures the safety ticket for the moment of truth.

The last round of nominations of the season is also the least spectacular. Of course Iris got it. Even her old pal Malkiel had voted for her. The tablecloth is torn. Only Elena provides a little surprise. She does not vote for Iris, although she was indignant about her sentence against shepherd Heinrich. But she found Malkiel’s behavior even worse, who wanted to “gossip” about Iris with her. At least one conflict for the finale is created.