After the scandal surrounding Jan, the new episode of “Battle of the Reality Stars” is quieter. But there is a surprise at the end.

Take a deep breath in episode six of “Battle of the Reality Stars”. After the scandal surrounding Jan Leyk (37) in the last episode, things are getting tamer. Instead of one big row, there are only a few small microdramas.

First, two new celebrities land on the Thai beach. They are the last newcomers of the season. Number one is Malkiel Rouven Dietrich. The TV astrologer does not want to name an age. He had that written in the contract. According to the Internet, Malkiel was born in 1983, according to his own statement he is the fortune teller of “A-celebrities”. He also has a follower among the Y celebrities on Starstrand. He has been hand reading Nina Kristin (39) for 12 years.

Like Nina, Elena Miras (29) is happy about an old friend. After she lost her allies Jan and Sissi Hofbauer (26) in the last episode, she gets a new best friend: “Sommerhaus” comrade-in-arms Yeliz Koc (28). She answers the question “influencer or lazybones” that is often asked in the season with the job description “loafer”.

Attempts to overthrow go wrong

Otherwise not much happens. Yasin Mohamed (30) mentions to Malkiel that he would like to have Nina Kristin out. He sticks it to his girlfriend. And instead of sitting in the corner and crying like she says she would have done before, the “new Nina Kristin” (self-assessment) confronts Yasin.

The highlight is Martin Wernicke’s (41) fight for a second toilet. A question of human dignity for the “Berlin – Day and Night” star. After all, he’s been walking around in the same underpants for days. Blame yourself: In the punishment round in the last episode, he preferred to keep his poetry book instead of his clothes.

The revolt of the reality debutant comes to nothing – like so many attempts at resistance in the season. Next, Ronald Schill (63) calls the revolution. On the “Wall of Truth” the stars should put themselves in order: with which colleague do you not want to be seen in public? Ronald rightly senses an attempt by the director to “sow discord”. His glorious idea: the stars simply reverse the order. Classic misconception. Now the most popular celebrity ends up behind and is punished.

It hits the newcomer Malkiel. His face is covered by the director with the likeness of presenter Cathy Hummels (34). She later countered coolly: “I finally have a few curves”.

In the safety game “Loyal Family”, the reality stars have to form teams around a captain in three rounds. “Now you can see who is for me and who is against me,” says Nina, who was drawn as a captain in the first round. The sobering result: Only Elena and Ronald play with her, the rest gather around the Jakic Twins (26).

Nina’s team wins the geography quiz. And this despite Elena confusing Spain, her mother’s homeland, with Portugal on a map of Europe. After three rounds, Elena still scored the most points in different teams. The Swiss is safe from a nomination.

Expected end – surprising start

First, however, the newcomers kick out a reality star. Malkiel and Yeliz choose the Jakic twins. The friendly “façade” of the twins seems played to them. Yeliz is also suspicious of the constant “talking alike” of the twins, who always act synchronously. Nina Kristin gets caught in the ostracism of the celebrities. In the last episode, she was only safe thanks to Jan’s questionable action. This time she has by far the most negative votes. Only Heinz von Sayn-Wittgenstein (67) gets two votes from the other candidates. But only because they are concerned about the prince’s health.

An expected decision at the “Moment of Truth”, but there is a surprise at the end. Iris Klein (54) finally checks in. Because of Corona, she missed the show in hotel quarantine, now she’s finally getting the green light. The Katzenberger mom was only present in the first episode, virtually via a tray screwed to a clothes rack. After that, she was consistently hushed up. All the greater the surprise, also for the spectators.