After a long neck-and-neck race on “Beat the Star,” Rúrik Gíslason was defeated by Robin Gosens.

On Saturday evening (July 2nd) football star met football star on the ProSieben show “Schlag den Star”: Robin Gosens (27) was allowed to take home the large suitcase containing 100,000 euros. Rúrik Gíslason (34) had to admit defeat after an hours-long neck-and-neck race that lasted until 1:15. Previously, the program moderated by Elton (51) primarily claimed the ProSieben team…

Already in the first game “Kurbelauto” the former Icelandic national football player Gíslason almost ran over one of the cameramen. After all: The 34-year-old secured the first two games at the beginning of the show.

Match point game for Gosens

During the “Frisbee Duel”, in which the two had to throw a Frisbee into the opposing goal, the audience in particular took cover. Gosens thawed and won his first match. Then it became dangerous again for a cameraman when Gosens carried one of the devices over the edge of the field during the “hammer throw”. In the match ball game “Klapp-Kugel”, the Inter-Milan kicker finally defeated his Icelandic opponent.

The joy was written all over the 27-year-old’s face. On Instagram, the broadcaster congratulated the soccer star: “Congratulations to Robin Gosens on the victory! What an evening! Of course, thanks also to Rúrik Gíslason for the exciting head-to-head race!”