On 5 November last year, Donald Trump was expressing something unusual: a regret. “I would like to have a tone more soothing. Somewhere, I have the impression that I don’t have the choice, but maybe if”. The next day, the results of the mid-term elections were mapped to the predictions of pollsters: the House of representatives fell into the pot of democrats, the Senate remained republican.

If Trump is gargarise a “huge success”, he has produced since the amount of arrows never seem to exhaust his quiver. He turns his minister of justice, prohibit a journalist’s access to the White House, shows his dislike for his French counterpart to a burst of tweets unprecedented, and returns a national Security advisor at the request of his wife.

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Is this the disinhibition of a president whose “immense success” to the midterms blew all the locks to the exercise of power, or the destabilization of a man, worried about this new policy?

“He lost his bravache usual. He realized that the Republicans lost the midterms” note Annick Cizel, master of conferences at the Sorbonne-Nouvelle. “Trump has moved from a field campaign, where he was loved by his fans, and is confronted now with the hard reality of the results,” said Patrick Chamorel, professor of political science at Stanford University.

The investigation with Mueller, again at the centre of debates

The loss of the house of Representatives darkens the sky policy of the president, the democrats promising since taking office in January an activity of intense opposition as well as the opening of parliamentary inquiries. And the subjects are varied: the notice of the taxes in the president, his liaison with the actress Stormy Daniels, the mobilization of 5,000 troops along the mexican border to stop an “invasion” of migrants…

But the essential is elsewhere. “His bad mood sustained seems to be due more to anxiety over the case of Russian, writes Nicholas Dungan, a researcher at the Atlantic Council. Having fired Jeff Sessions is less a political decision than a personal concern”. If the field of investigation of parliamentary committees will be able to extend to suspicions of collusion with Russia, money laundering and obstruction of justice, it is the investigation of the prosecutor Mueller, who manages for the moment to these files. “It was his single obsession,” says Patrick Chamorel.

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At the beginning of the week, several meetings between Donald Trump and his lawyers have been required to answer the last series of written questions sent by investigators. Thursday, tweets from the president, with great reinforcement of uppercase, brocardaient “Bob Mueller and his crew of rogue democrats”, whose actions are in his eyes “a disgrace to (our) Nation”.

In eighteen months, 35 indictments have already been handed down. The successor of the Sessions, Matthew Whitaker, now oversees the investigation Mueller, to which he was publicly shown to be hostile by the past, and that Washington is still awaiting the conclusions in a forward stifling, not conducive to the softening of the tone.