Ben Whittaker, an Olympic silver medallist, is not happy with his opponent Ezra Arenyeka’s slow performance in the upcoming boxing match. The tension between the two fighters has been building up, with Whittaker expressing his disappointment in Arenyeka’s lackluster approach to the fight.

Despite Arenyeka’s unbeaten record, Whittaker believes that he will be able to teach him a lesson in the ring. He warns Arenyeka to be careful what he asks for, as Whittaker is confident in his ability to outbox his opponent. Whittaker boasts a variety of fighting styles that he can adapt to during the match, while criticizing Arenyeka for his one-dimensional approach.

Whittaker’s experience and skill set give him the confidence to predict a victory over Arenyeka, emphasizing that he can exploit his opponent’s weaknesses. He believes that his boxing IQ and skills will be enough to outsmart Arenyeka in the ring.

The boxing match between Whittaker and Arenyeka is set to take place at Selhurst Park, with Whittaker’s ringwalk expected around 9 pm on Saturday night. Fans are eagerly anticipating this showdown between the two fighters, with Whittaker determined to come out on top.

Whittaker’s strategic approach to the fight and his confidence in his abilities make him a formidable opponent for Arenyeka. Boxing fans can expect an intense and action-packed match between these two fighters as they step into the ring to settle their differences.