Well-known singers came together in Hamburg for the “Sound of Peace” concert. It was supposed to be about donations for Ukraine – but then the weather became a problem.

A special location, many familiar faces and a good cause: On Father’s Day, Sasha, Lotto King Karl and Lotte, among others, gave a benefit concert at the Hamburg Landungsbrücken.

They wanted to send a message of peace from the museum ship Rickmer Rickmers and call for donations. The appeal said: «Donate with us for Ukraine but also for other war zones and trouble spots in the world. Because everything is connected to everything else and every donation, no matter how small, helps.”

Many walkers and fans stopped along the harbor promenade on Thursday afternoon to listen to the concert. Towards evening the weather clouded over. After an interruption, the artists were able to continue playing. In the evening, however, the concerts were moved under a tarpaulin roof on the ship, with the result that the listeners on the promenade could only hear them but no longer see them.

According to the organizers, the peace rally is intended to remind people not to suppress the victims of war and armed conflicts or even to accept them – and at the same time to be a musical appeal to humanity. Rolf Zuckowski, Jonas Monar, Jan Plewka, Marusha and Sophia were also involved. A total of around 40 musicians should be on the floating stage in the port of Hamburg. According to the information, they play without a fee. The interest of the artists was so great that the start of the concert was brought forward by two hours.