Bernhard Brink celebrates his 70th birthday on May 17th. In an interview, he reveals what the pop singer has planned for his special day.

Bernhard Brink (70) has been a successful pop singer for 50 years. In 1972 he appeared in the “ZDF hit parade” for the first time, after that everything happened in quick succession. He stormed the charts with hits like “Love for a while” or “You’re leaving”. Even today Brink is still regularly on the stages of the Republic, he does not think about retiring. And this despite the fact that he is already celebrating his 70th birthday on May 17th. What does the pop singer have planned for this special day? “Since my schedule is really full this year, I don’t have time to celebrate really big,” explains the birthday boy in an interview with the news agency spot on news.

Bernhard Brink on getting older

However, one person should not be missing on this day: his wife. “I’ll have a nice meal with Ute and buy one for my buddies at the tennis club.” The singer and his wife have been married since 1987 and celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary in April this year. The singer recently revealed the secret of their love to spot on news. “You have to be considerate of each other, treat each other with respect and give others their freedom,” says Brink. “We have similar interests and are as simple as the proverbial pot and its matching lid.” In addition, Ute and he were often “healthily separated” due to his travels, “that’s really good for a relationship in the long run”.

The number 70 does not bother the sought-after TV and radio presenter. Getting older doesn’t scare him, says Brink. “Since I can’t change it, I have to live with it.” The “distance I still have to walk” is becoming less and less – “that becomes clear to you”. Nevertheless, the musician takes it easy and notes with a laugh: “You can fight bad neighbors and the tax office, but not old age.”

The pop singer wishes for the future

The musician has experienced a lot in the course of his career. He now has over 20 studio albums, has proven himself in TV shows like “Let’s Dance” and took part in the German preliminary round of the Eurovision Song Contest six times – but it never worked out. Basically, he has no regrets. “I’ve made decisions in my life that I couldn’t change today anyway,” said the singer. “And I’m very lucky to still be able to live my dream job at 70, to be healthy and to have had a great woman by my side for 40 years. What more could you ask for?”

Brink, who published his biography “Everything except dancing” (Bild und Heimat Verlag) in March, is not yet thinking about retirement. “As long as it goes well and I feel good, it will continue.” He hopes, however, “I notice and recognize the moment when it’s time to say: ‘That’s it now'”. For the coming years, the pop star actually only has two wishes: “Stay healthy and be able to enjoy many more years with my wife Ute.”