President Joe Biden stated Friday that social media companies were “killing people” because they failed to check misinformation posted on their platforms regarding COVID-19 vaccines.

Biden’s remarks came just a day after U.S. Biden’s comments came a day after U.S. officials declared misinformation regarding vaccines a threat for public health.

Biden answered reporters when asked if he had any message for platforms such as Facebook that have spread misleading or false information about coronavirus vaccines. He said, “They are killing people.”

He said, “The only pandemic that we have is among unvaccinated people.”

Murthy spoke Thursday and said that misinformation regarding COVID-19 was dangerous, as it has been deemed an “infodemic”.

Murthy stated that misinformation is a serious threat to the nation’s health during remarks at the White House on Thursday. As a nation, we must face misinformation. It is vital for the survival of lives.

Murthy stated that the internet is a major source of misinformation in the health sector. Therefore, technology companies and social media platforms need to make significant changes to their software and products to prevent false information from spreading. This will allow for more access to factual and authoritative sources.

He said that platforms are often built to encourage misinformation, rather than counter it.

Murthy stated, “We are asking them” “We cannot wait any longer for them take aggressive action.”

Dani Lever, spokesperson for Facebook, stated that they won’t be distracted by false accusations. More than 2 billion people have seen authoritative information on COVID-19, vaccines, on Facebook. This is the largest number of internet users. Our vaccine finder tool has been used by more than 3.3 million Americans to help them find the best vaccines. Facebook saves lives, according to the facts. It is.

Twitter stated on its platform that “As the COVID-19 pandemic develops around the globe, we’ll continue doing our part to elevate authoritative information about health information.”