US President Joe Biden is “deeply concerned” about the development of the USA and criticizes the Supreme Court and the decision on abortion rights in his speech on Independence Day.

US President Joe Biden called on his countrymen to unite on the United States’ Independence Day.

“I know that many Americans are looking around today and seeing a divided country and are deeply concerned about it,” Biden said in a White House address to mark National Day. «I understand that. But I believe that we are more united than we are divided. More than that, I believe it is a choice we make and I believe it is within our power to choose unity.”

Biden said, “Freedom is under attack, both here and abroad.” In recent days there has been reason to believe “that this country is moving backwards, that freedom has been restricted, that the rights that we thought were protected no longer apply”. Biden was referring to controversial decisions by the US Supreme Court, which recently overturned abortion rights, among other things. The US President warned that democracy is not guaranteed. “We have to fight for them.”