For two years, Wiebke had at least one Tinder date a month. Along the way, she experienced a number of adventures – both positive and negative. She likes to look back on the past. But the app has since deleted her.

Tinder turns ten this year. The star spoke to people about their experiences with online dating. This is the story of Wiebke, 24, who met a wide variety of people through Tinder. Above all, she got to know herself better.

Tinder is a real roller coaster ride at times. Sometimes you get picked up in a fat sports car, other times you end up high in a stoner den or on the roof of a theater. Only one thing is certain: it always turns out differently than expected. I’ve been meeting at least one guy a month on Tinder for the last two years, usually more. I felt like I got to know the entire spectrum of people in our society:

About going to the theater and torn cruciate ligaments

I remember being picked up one evening in a fancy BMW. That was one of the coolest guys I’ve met. We ate at the port of Hamburg, had great conversations and looked out over the Elbe. Another time I attended a satirical burlesque show with a bartender. He smuggled us into the theater without tickets and then showed me corners of St. Pauli that I had never seen before. However, I also remember one of the weirdest dates when I wanted to meet a man at his house. His apartment turned out to be the purest pothead paradise. I immediately felt like I was in the wrong movie. We drank Monster Energy and smoked a joint. For an hour and a half he texted me stoned and kept telling me about his cruciate ligament tear. When he showed me his MRI images and read from his medical records, I went nuts inside. You can find everything on Tinder – even what you never really wanted to experience.

On Tinder you meet people you would never have met otherwise. Far too often you live in your own world. I used to have a certain image in my mind of my dream man. On Tinder I learned that I don’t have a special type and that you can be surprised by anyone, no matter what they look like. I feel like I’m less quick to label men. I’m more honest now than I was two years ago. If I don’t like something, I tell the other person directly and end the date. My self-confidence has grown as a result.

Tinder recently deleted

A solid relationship did not result from any of the dates. I didn’t even have that claim. I just wanted to get to know men and was open to everything. Not anymore. I recently deleted the app. Somehow you realize that everyone you meet is constantly swiping on. You feel replaceable. I also noticed in myself that I was addicted to Tinder. Not anymore.

I definitely enjoy dating, even if I’ve had silly experiences. I still want to meet men, but now I prefer to meet them offline. Data is also possible without Tinder, even if it gave me a good start.

Recorded by: Laura Hindelang

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