Marc Hyman, a doctor and longevity expert, is 63 years old. However, according to his biological age, he is 20 years younger. How does he do that? He reveals which routines help him.

Marc Hyman says he has drastically reduced his biological age – specifically from 63 to 43 years. A look at the doctor’s Instagram profile actually leaves the viewer with a little amazement.

How does he do that? A combination of exercise, nutrition and stress management based on markers of cellular health helps him, he tells “Business Insider”.

“The most important thing is exercise and a diet consisting of healthy fats and plant-based foods,” summarizes the doctor. No amount of dietary supplements can replace that.

“Young Forever: The Secrets to Living Your Longest, Healthiest Life” von Marc Hyman. (Englisch)

The fact is that biological age is not that easy to determine. However, studies clearly show the benefits of a healthy, balanced diet, sufficient exercise and stress reduction for healthy aging. So if you adapt your lifestyle, you can achieve a lot. In addition to the tips mentioned by Hyman, there are also:

on the parameters that have a positive effect on biological age.

In any case, for Hyman, his measures are important steps towards reducing biological age. The doctor is not primarily concerned with extending lifespan, but rather with “longer health”. It is a misunderstanding that aging is automatically accompanied by physical and mental problems. “People don’t realize that these problems are related to things that we can change, that are reversible,” he emphasizes.

In his book “Young Forever” he explains the science of healthy aging and gives tips for practical implementation.

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