Biotechnology: Co-founders: Biontech will remain an independent company in the future


    Company boss Ugur Sahin wants to develop Biontech step by step. The corona vaccine manufacturer differs from the large pharmaceutical companies in the world in one important respect.

    According to company boss Ugur Sahin, the corona vaccine manufacturer Biontech will remain independent.

    “There is no reason for me to assume anything else,” he told the “Handelsblatt” (Monday). Ultimately, this is a question for the major shareholders. He himself assumes that he will remain one of the main shareholders of the company he co-founded. “I have no intention of selling shares,” he said.

    Sahin did not rule out larger acquisitions. Ultimately, however, the question is always whether buying another company would help Biontech. “Just as we built Biontech bit by bit in the initial phase, we now want to develop the company step by step,” he said.

    Biontech differs from the big pharmaceutical companies in the world because it develops its own technology. There is no other way, because the mRNA technology used in the corona vaccine, for example, has not been on the market for long. “Our superpower is not a global network for sales, our superpower is innovative strength,” said Sahin.

    Biotechnology remains a very difficult business. The competition has increased significantly, not only in the USA, said Sahin. “As a scientist, you will no longer research a discovery alone for long; you have to assume that this discovery was also made somewhere else,” he explained. Although this also promotes scientific exchange and the promotion of innovation, it also increases competition.